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At Open Door Personnel, we firmly believe that PRODUCT always takes precedence over PROFIT. Our expertise shines in connecting the healthcare industry with all-star talent that not only excels clinically but also thrives in administrative roles, while offering outstanding benefits.

Our commitment extends well beyond what typical employment agencies provide, encompassing full benefits, a $100 birthday bonus, vacations, and numerous other employee incentives. This comprehensive support is available to our dedicated healthcare professionals, whether they’re in clinical positions or fulfilling essential administrative functions.

What does this comprehensive approach mean for employers? It ensures the provision of reliable, satisfied, committed, productive, and altruistic healthcare and admin staffing professionals. Our staff love their roles, injecting an unparalleled work ethic into every task and assignment they undertake.

Navigating the complexities of finding the perfect match in healthcare and administrative staffing is no small feat. That’s why we dedicate substantial time and resources to meticulously vet each candidate, including all pre-employment verifications and references, at no additional cost to our clients. We pride ourselves on being the conduit that effortlessly connects exceptional talent with outstanding opportunities.


We invite you to explore the ODP difference first hand by contacting our office if you are seeking career assistance or healthcare talent!

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We honor our contracted staff with a $100 bonus for Employee of the month and a Cruise for Employee of the year.

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