Conover Physician Named a Top Doctor in NC

Dr. Billy L. Price, Jr., MD. is recognized as one of North Carolina’s Top Doctors of 2017. Price, who practices at his Conover, N.C. direct primary care (DPC) clinic, is recognized within the internal medicine specialty.

The peer-sourced recognition was assembled by Best Doctors Inc. and published in the December 2017 edition of Business North Carolina. The report honors doctors considered best in their fields by other medical professionals. Price’s practice is built upon DPC’s patient-centric approach, which he considers “the most effective way to have an impact on patient health”. The practice provides local businesses and their employees with high-quality primary care independent of insurance. Companies sponsor their employees’ access to the practice, and patients receive care at no cost.

In doing so, physicians can dedicate the appropriate amount of time to each patient, cut down on costly referrals and truly act as their advocate. It’s a model proven to lower costs and improve patient health. “I have the time, technology and flexibility that’s not available in a traditional practice,” Price states. Price’s practice is affiliated with a healthcare management company who handles operating logistics and contracts between the practice and employer groups. A principal of the company believes the recognition underscores their mission of providing phenomenal primary care to employees while lowering an employer’s total healthcare spend. “It’s exciting to see Dr. Price recognized for the exceptional care he provides our patients every day. He cares deeply for his patients and is passionate about making sure they receive the very best care.”

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