Ever Wondered What WORK ETHIC Looks Like?

Well, let us paint the picture for you…

Car Wreck Sophonia Moore

"On your way to work, your vehicle is violently hit on the side by an incoming vehicle causing severe damage to your car and your peace of mind."



You could easily call out of work that day and then be off work for many weeks.

This day started as any other, as Sophonia Moore, who is a full time CNA for Open Door Personnel (ODP) and the February 2017 Employee of the Month, traveled her usual route to work. On her way to her assignment she was involved in a car wreck sustaining severe vehicle damage and some minor injuries. She managed to arrive for her shift just 10 minutes late. Sophonia is a prime example of the strong WORK ETHIC many of the Open Door Personnel contracted staff display on many occasions.

Open Door Personnel did not expect Sophonia to report to work. In fact, we even offered to pick her up at the scene of the accident and take her home. Sophonia Moore chose to make it to her assignment and work her entire shift. She did this because she made a commitment on behalf of ODP to work her shift and to her patients and co-workers depending upon her arrival.

The employment industry is increasingly becoming more competitive. We understand and appreciate that our clients demand more from their staffing agencies and we are dedicated towards exceeding the expectations of our clients. One of our strengths lies in our highly reliable and dedicated contracted employees, which exemplifies our dedication towards our clients, and sets a new standard for industry work ethics.

So if you have ever wondered what WORK ETHIC looks like, then you now have a vivid picture supplied by our dedicated CNA, Sophonia Moore.

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