50 Shades of Benefits

Well, it's Valentine's Day once again, but tell us: Are you feeling the love from your current employer?

We may not have chocolates or roses, but here at Open Door Personnel we think that every employee deserves to feel special, no matter what day of the year it is. In the spirit of love, we want you to know that our contracted staff is offered paid vacations after only 2080 hours of continuous service, and for those days which really are special, we can give paid holidays after 780 hours of continuous service. If Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, or July 4th with your family and friends sounds good to you, what are you waiting for? If all of that time off still isn't enough for you, how about our paid time off incentive for only 90 days of on-time, reliable service?

We know you're the best the profession has to offer, so why shouldn't you be rewarded? In fact, the special days come once a month with Open Door Personnel - our Employee of the Month will receive a $100 gift card! Now if you're still not convinced, imagine yourself next Valentine's Day - it's like this year, only you're on a free cruise, enjoying three paid days off. Sound like fantasy? If you join our family, it isn't Our Employee of the Year will receive a free cruise, as well as the time off to enjoy it.

This may not be your favorite romance novel, but if you're the practical type, we also have plenty to offer. We know those bills come fast, so we will pay weekly, by direct deposit or live check, whichever is more comfortable. Also, as the backbone of this country's health care system, why should you have to wait for your health benefits? Here at Open Door Personnel we offer health benefits with no waiting period: because it's your life, and the really important things can't wait.

So this Valentine's Day, show yourself the love you deserve, and join us here at Open Door Personnel!

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