Carrie Fisher: Heart Disease Awareness

The sad fact is that many people don't see cardiovascular disease for the serious life-threatening condition that it is. Previously it was predominantly men who were at high risk of getting heart disease, however in more recent times it's been recorded that this disease is responsible for more that 40% of deaths in women as 1 in every 3 women die from this condition With Carrie Fisher's recent death that was caused by this dreaded disease it seems like a great time to shed some light on the seriousness of this condition. Heart disease is primarily caused by plaque buildup in the arteries. This plaque then narrows the heart blood vessels and once a clot forms in the artery it becomes blocked, this in turn then leads to a stroke, heart attack or angina. The scary thing about heart disease in women is that the symptoms are so mild that it generally goes unnoticed or mistaken for some other condition. Statistics have proven that women are less likely to get any chest pain during a heart attack than men, so if not diagnosed this condition can certainly go undetected. How To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

  • It's best to manage your weight as being overweight contributes greatly to heart disease.

  • Exercise regularly as not only does exercise assist with weight loss but is also extremely beneficial for the heart. If you have a healthy heart then you are at less of a risk of suffering with heart diseases.

  • Be more conscious of what you eat and make sure that you eat a healthy, well balanced diet. A healthy diet ensures that your cholesterol levels are moderated, as high cholesterol is another contributing heart disease factor.

  • Manage your blood sugar and blood pressure as when these two are out of control it puts a severe strain on your heart and you are more likely to have a heart attack. It should also be noted that people who have blood sugar issues (diabetes) are at a greater risk of getting heart

There are various factors that contribute to heart disease like; stress, too much alcohol intake, depression, family history and even birth control pills. The reality is that one can never truly prevent heart disease indefinitely however if you do maintain a healthy lifestyle then you are less susceptible to this condition. If you do however experience any chest pains, discomfort from your belly up to your face, an upset tummy, nausea and lightheadedness, then there is a possibility that you are having a heart attack. In theses cases you really need to seek emergency medical help, and even if it turns out that you didn't have a heart attack at-least you would still have peace of mind knowing that you got yourself checked out. Sources:

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