Vacation On The Brain?

Open Door Personnel can help you take that relaxing vacation you’ve been yearning for!

Are you dying to go on a relaxing vacation with your loved one or friend? Do you think about spending time on a cruise ship, or basking in the sun on a tropical island like Hawaii, or skiing on the snowy slopes of the Alps? Open Door Personnel, assists their employees with amazing rewards and benefits.

Open Door Personnel, LLC is a recruitment agency focused on contracting staff and supporting them through their career journey and ensure the best match with a variety of employers they retain as customers. We operate on the basis of three pillars of values; integrity, customer service, and respect.

By ensuring the placement of experienced healthcare professionals with our high- quality employer customers, Open Door Personnel guides the process of hiring and provides added value to both employees and customers.

We specialize in the strategic placement of experienced licensed healthcare and non licensed healthcare professional with proven references and assist in their career development by connecting them with the best employers in the industry. We ensure that wages and working terms and conditions are negotiated for and on behalf of you and are proud of the fact that we are focused on creating mutually beneficial working relationships.

Open Door Personnel is also one of the only recruitment companies that offer great benefits and rewards to our nurse staffing compliment. Our staffing contracts include offers of bonuses, vacations and other rewards for those recruits who are hard workers and dedicated employees. We have a host of medical healthcare workers that are already benefiting from the services that we offer.

If you are a nursing professional and you are dissatisfied with your current employer or employment terms, or you are simply looking to be employed- contact Open Door Personnel and we will set you up with a job and career of your dreams, with excellent benefits and recruitment professionals that will guide and assist with more than just placement and matching you to an employer, but we will go through a guided hand-holding process with you.

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