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As a matter of fact, registered nurses are facing problems that are unique from other members of the medical profession. Judith Shamian, the President of the International Council of Nurses, says that while some may be considered well paid, they don't enjoy equality in salary, terms and conditions with their colleagues. "The problem is that staffing agencies are themselves independent employers and they have the freedom to set their own terms and conditions." Says the Annual Performance Report of International Council of Nurses.

Permanent employees are protected from injustice but this is not the case with every nurse. However, with nearly 7 million jobs expected to be created by 2020, the nurse-staffing agency is, in fact, a healthy industry. The employers of these agencies have a higher level of experience and expertise related to the latest trends, knowledge, and recruitment practice. The training provided by these professional staffing agencies is up to the latest standards. All the agencies are required to provide basic training. Amanda Powell, a nurse from Columbia, South Carolina says, "Most of the hospitals just push the nurses through, but through agencies, we get our mandatory training." Agency nurses also require extra experience and knowledge that is taught by the agency through proper training and experience through certified nursing assistants.

These agencies plan things out slowly. The nursing agencies suit everybody because of the regular working shifts. Open Door Personal has its fingers on the pulse of their specified market and can give you the insight into what is happening. They know the demand of the market, the available talent and how to contact them. They know the secret of how to grow in the nursing industry. Opportunities are hard to find.

The employers may be selective or they may be passive. If they are not responding to your resume, chances are that they may have ties with trusted nursing staffing agencies.

Even if some of the hospitals and health institutions are not currently recruiting, there are chances that a staffing agency will know who they are and how to contact them. Agencies have many networks and they have the sources to help connect you with the industry with increase earning potential. The main issue raised in the industry about the nursing agency has been its cost to the health service. This is particularly a serious issue when trusts are under pressure to stay in the competition. The United States Public Accounts Committee report that the industry is still making too much use of temporary staff but also noted that the use of the agency staff is also increasing.

It is also easy to find out what you wish to know about the healthy industry through these agencies in a very short span of time after two or three meetings, you will have a better idea of what you are looking for in a hospital or health institute, the type of environment that you work best in and the work you enjoy doing. So if you find yourself unemployed, consider the Open Door Personal as your ultimate placement center that will land you in the place you want.

And lets not forget the unbeatable benefits:

• 1 Week vacation after 2080 hours of continued service

• PTO every 90 days

• Paid holidays after 780 hours of continued service

• Employee of the Month Bonus: $100 Gift Card

• Employee of the Year Bonus: Free 3-day cruise paid time off to take it

• Direct Deposit or Live Check paid weekly

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