I am honored to have you learn more about Open Door Personnel, which is the latest and greatest staffing agency ever to be created!
I say this with so much conviction because now as a staffing firm owner, I can change this industry for the better.
Having been in the staffing industry for over 20 years I noticed a lack of value and appreciation for the field staff we relied on to represent us. I knew in order to make a change in the industry I had to become a staffing firm owner. In 2015 I created Open Door Personnel and vowed that as an owner I would never put PROFIT before PRODUCT. With this motto all of us win; the field temp staff, the patients, the clients, and then lastly, us, at Open Door Personnel.
I believe that all field staff that represent Open Door Personnel should walk into their assignment feeling valued, respected, and appreciated. This will help them to abide by the 3 Pillars of Success that we hold them accountable for: Professionalism, Punctuality, and Productivity.
As the founder of Open Door Personnel, it is with immense pride and joy that I can say we are the only staffing firm (that I know of) to offer these types of fringe benefits to our field employees: paid vacations, paid holidays, perfect attendance bonus, and the list goes on. I want every healthcare professional seeking full or part time employment to find a career home with Open Door Personnel so that their career journey is valued and respected!
I hope as you read this you too will have a sense of pride as a valued ODP employee or a valued ODP client.
I look forward to a career journey with future field staff and clients of Open Door Personnel where our beliefs of respect and value can be shared and appreciated.
Warmest Regards,


Laura Ledford


Open Door Personnel

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