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I am honored to know you are interested in possibly working with Open Door Personnel, the greatest staffing agency ever to be created! I say this with so much conviction as a staffing firm owner because I can impact and change this industry for the better.
After working in the staffing industry for more than 20 years, I noticed a lack of value and appreciation for the field staff we relied on to represent us. I knew in order to make a change in the industry I had to become a staffing firm owner. Thus, in 2015 Open Door Personnel was created. I vowed as an owner I would never put PROFIT before PRODUCT. With this motto, everyone wins - field temp staff, patients, clients (facilities), and then lastly, Open Door Personnel.
I believe all field staff representing Open Door Personnel should walk into their assignment feeling valued, respected, and appreciated. This empowers them to adhere to the ODP three pillars of success: Professionalism, Punctuality and Productivity.
As founder of Open Door Personnel, it is with immense pride and joy that I can say we offer benefits to our field staff: medical, dental, life, paid vacations, Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year. I want every healthcare professional seeking full or part time employment to find a career home with Open Door Personnel so their career journey is valued and respected!
I hope as you read this, you too, will have a sense of pride as a valued ODP employee or a valued ODP client.
I look forward to a career journey with future field staff and clients of Open Door Personnel where our beliefs of respect and value can be shared and appreciated!
Warmest Regards,


Laura Ledford
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